May 1, 2022

We teamed up with ItchyPet to help them launch a site and social media to help educate animals lovers who might be concerned with their pet's scratching habits.

ItchyPet is a brand introduced by Zoetis, a multinational animal health company that is dedicated to advancing animal care. Zoetis has been in the industry for nearly 70 years, constantly innovating and improving ways to predict, prevent, detect, and treat animal illnesses. In this case study, we will discuss the objectives, challenges, and solutions of a particular veterinary brand that aimed to raise awareness about dog allergies.


The objective of this project was to:

  • Increase awareness about dog allergies

  • Educate dog owners about the symptoms of allergies in their pets

  • Encourage pet owners to contact their vet when the itch becomes more than just an itch


The main challenges faced in this project were:

  • Promoting a brand that cannot be mentioned in the public domain, only the ailment can be mentioned.

  • Creating all elements from scratch, as there was no previous presence at all.

  • Adhering to medical regulatory guidelines and understanding the claims that can and cannot be made.

  • Approval, which can be a lengthy process.


The solutions implemented to achieve the project objectives were:


  • Developing a website with informative content and blog articles to educate dog owners about their pets and the symptoms of allergies.

  • Building a symptom checker survey using Google Forms to help pet owners determine if their dog has an allergy. The survey results were sent to the owners and they were added to the mailing list, which then directed them to find a vet near them.

  • Creating an “Ask Dr. Heidi” form for pet owners to submit questions about their pets’ allergies to a veterinarian.

  • Providing a “Find a Vet” near me locator to drive people to find a veterinarian near them.

This symptom checker also gives great insights for our client.

Social Media

Establishing social pages on Instagram and Facebook to reach dog owners and drive traffic to the website, using visually-appealing organic content and paid ads, including carousel and video ads.

Google Ads

SEO and Blogs

  • Optimising the website for SEO by creating a Google My Business account.

  • Conducting keyword research and creating content that ranks for SEO, while also being valuable and informative to the reader.


  • Key to the success of this project is reporting.

  • A Google Analytics 4 account was created, with conversion goals linked to Google Ads and Google Tag Manager.

  • A live report will be built through Google Looker (Data Studio) and reviewed with the client at the end of every month to track progress and evaluate areas for improvement.

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