May 1, 2022

Glenmark were launching a new product in South Africa - VirX™ - which required a full suite of digital marketing services.

Glenmark is very well known in the pharmaceutical industry, and they recently contacted us to assist with the launch of a new product – VirX™. VirX™ is a nasal spray kills 99,9 % of respiratory viruses in the nose within 2 minutes.1


The clients main goal – boost sales for VirX™. With product unknown around the world, it required our team to first boost awareness around South Africa. This awareness would need to direct people either to the website or to Clicks Pharmacy.


As we wanted to use paid ads, the biggest challenge would be advertising a pharmaceutical product. Meta (Facebook) as well as Google are very quick to ban advertising campaigns, accounts and/or users if they feel the content presented doesn’t correctly indicate what is being sold.

Next would be the content, as if any content wasn’t sent through a thorough approval process could result in many legal claims from customers if something were to go wrong.

Lastly, a challenge would be managing multiple buying platforms. The client wanted to sell the products in various pharmacies (including Clicks), however, as we wouldn’t be able to access their sales analytics, it would be a challenge to see how well the campaigns are doing.



A simple website was built to be able to accurately track various metrics from the target audience. These metrics and analytics would help us to make more informed decisions each month in order to improve KPIs. This website would initially drive customers to the various pharmacy websites to help them complete the purchase.


Create content that is interactive and simple for the user, create a form where they can check their symptoms.


Social Media – We then used creative and visual social media ads to drive traffic to the website.

Google Ads – We also used Google ads to drive traffic to specific pages on the website, it is still the biggest means of traffic to the site


AWARENESS – 24 000+ impressions from Google Ads

CONTENT – Engagement rate on website average of over 75%, showing people are really interested in the new product

SALES – Takealot was added as another purchasing funnel, however, the increase in awareness and popularity resulted in multiple out-of-stock days

1 VirXTM Nasal Spray Package Leaflet. 2022.

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