Adcock Ingram

May 1, 2022

Adcock Ingram required a full digital marketing campaign to help highlight piles awareness.

Being able to build awareness about a scheduled medical product, without mentioning the name of the brand and jumping through all the red tape and hoops that come with advertising medical brands on consumer facing digital PPC and social platforms.


B2C awareness around the ailment that the product provides treatment for using a website that has relevant, interactive content. To encourage people to contact their Doctor if they are suffering from symptoms. Build Doctor awareness and drive them to the website to get resources for them only.


Very small digital budget. The challenge of communicating to an audience to build awareness without being able to mention the product name.  No former digital presence to consumer or the Doctors. Communication with Doctors through social media.



Build a website for consumer info and a backend login capability so that the Doctor can get access to clinical content. Create a geolocation platform “Find a Dr Near me” functionality that makes it easier for them to contact a Doctor.


Create content that is interactive and simple for the user, create a form where they can check their symptoms.


Social Media – We then used creative and visual social media ads to drive traffic to the website.

Google Ads – We also used Google ads to drive traffic to specific pages on the website, it is still the biggest means of traffic to the site.

LinkedIn Inmail messages were used to target the Health Care Professionals. The message has a direct link to the Doctor portal where they can get more info and Doctor resources.

We have also used Media 24 advertorials and Futuretech geolocation targeting.


AWARENESS – 23 000+ unique clicks in 10 months  Ave R1.50 CPC & 17%CTR (Adwords)  (Benchmark ave is CTR 3.27%* )

CONTENT – Identified the most popular pages  in traffic and time, this allowed us to tailor content accordingly.

TRENDS – We have been able to track unexpected demographic  trends that led to identifying new  opportunities for targeting.

PIVOT – Through the analysis of activities each month we were able to adapt  the campaign on an ongoing basis  for the best results.

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